Your body is a complex yet amazing system of organs, blood, bones and tissue. Each and every part has a specific duty that as a whole pertains to your overall health and wellness. The endocrine system is integral in total body function—a network of nine specialized glands and organs strategically located throughout your body that release hormones or chemical signals to maintain proper activity. This dynamic system governs a wide variety of human and animal functions including reproduction, response to stress and injury, growth, sexual development, energy levels, bone and muscle strength. The glands release hormones into the blood stream for delivery to the appropriate organs or tissue.

The endocrinologists at AnMed Health are your hormone and endocrine system detectives. Experts in their field, our physicians can detect hormonal imbalances and diseases related to the glands. Some common conditions include menopause, diabetes, pituitary and growth disorders, metabolic/weight management issues, osteoporosis, and thyroid disease.